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Recently I found this intresting guy on twitter called the Flying Trilobite who is an artist inspired by science - I really liked his drawings so followed him.

Anyway he then tweeted about submissions for palaeo-environment pictures and lo! I found Art Evolved and their time capsules full of palaeo-art!

Anyway it turned out the next time capsule was palaeo-environments and they wanted pictures along that theme. Unfortunatly it was very close to the deadline and I wasn't sure how to entire or if I could - even though on a later inspection of the site I saw all the instructions in plan sight!

Anyway I basically only manage to get a quick biro sketch done which wasn't composed properly or anything!

My topic was an Upper Ordovician benthonic community - yep you got it - basically it was another of my seascapes 🙂

Anyway its here if you want to see it 🙂 I'm in the middle bit of the time capsule.

Of course being me the first thing I did was sit down and read a few chapters of various palaeo books I just happen to have lurking about 🙂

Anyway I am really excited about this as I've been searching for art and science cross overs 🙂 The next time capsule is on the Therizinosaurs which I think are like beaked dinosaurs I think! I need to do a bit of reading up on these - at the moment the only book I have that mentions them is my Vertebrate Palaeontology book :/

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