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On Sunday, I was looking after Jean as Sarah was in Cheltenham to run a writing workshop thing.

So I suggested that we might go for a walk, and Jean liked the idea - however, she decided she wanted a LONG walk! So after some discussion, we set off for the furthest of the three pubs in the Parish, which is about three miles away, with a packed lunch and lots of water, and Jean's teddy bear, who she decided should come with us.

To my delight, Jean didn't tire and demand to come home; we made frequent stops to drink water, and sat down in some shade in the woods to eat our cheese and biscuits, but we pressed on cheerily, past some lambs:


Eventually we reached the Fostons Ash for some lemonade and crisps.

Lemonade and crisps at the Fostons Ash

Then Sarah rang as she was on the bus home, which stopped off by the Royal William, the pub nearest our home - so we decided to walk straight there to meet Sarah, taking a different route, where we got a little closer to some of the lambs:

Jean and Bear versus the Lamb

At the Royal William we ate a filling dinner of chips (not so unhealthy if you've been walking all day!), and came home.

Chips for dinner at the Royal William

Jean was still enthusiastic at the end, despite having now walked about six miles from 2pm to 8pm!

The best thing was, I recorded about two hours of it on my concealed camera. It's mainly shaky footage of bushes and sky, but it offers the context for the audio track, which records all the awesome conversations Jean and I had.


  • By @ndy, Mon 24th May 2010 @ 5:03 pm


  • By Sarah, Wed 26th May 2010 @ 8:09 am

    She didn't want to go home either and thought we should carry on walking :/

  • By Lionel, Sun 30th May 2010 @ 9:36 am

    How lovely! makes me feel just a little 'homesick' walking to Fostons. But above all, what a cheering story when I consider your awful financial news. Feel very helpless when i read that.

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