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Obviously due to health problems and the little Jeany I tend to not be able to go out to work as such, even before she was thought of properly and the back problems had flared up so badly I realised that working as a steward at the Student Union was a no go. I headed down to the job center in hunt of a job I could do; I was thinking of envelope stuffing which I was sure would be a job you could do from home.

I explained the issues with needing to do physiotherapy and not being able to sit down or stand up too long and they just told me to go on benefits, which I didn't want to do. And so I began making looking at things I could do at home myself - there was little information then and I went back to college instead.

Then when I got here I was on crutches, so again I went to the job centre when Alaric assured me I would get an interview and they would sort me something out - all I got was rudeness and informed I had to look through all the job options myself and work out what I should apply for - which I did. There was basically nothing. And so I turned to learning web-design stuff and writing my blogs which was a nice sideline to Al's company regardless of the subsequent issues we had with floods and clients not paying.

I feel like I have been stumbling in the dark with a lot of this trying to find jobs I could do from home. Then I found out my friend has as site that covers all the sorts of questions I was asking. Obviously a lot of things have changed in even the last five years but I wish there had been something like this so easily accessible then and even if you are considering setting up your own business with or without the home aspect I think it's a good read.

The site is called Jobs From Home for those who are interested.

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