Family Groupings (by )

Jean has been playing with Dino-Mountain pretty much everyday but one of the interesting things she has done is put the dinosaurs in family groupings. This is interesting as she has large and small of the same type of dinosaurs but they are in like different style and different colours!

Also depending on what she's been doing - the dino's have adventures such as getting excited about cattle country and going to birthday parties!

She also pretends she is god and saves the baby dino's from the volcano by having it snow on them.

The only iffy thing is that she has decided that stegosaurus is a carni as the toy she has has viscous looking teeth!

The Magic Circle (by )

Jean keeps asking for stories from mine and Alaric's childhoods and in trying to drag something up I began a story about my friends party as a kid. Her grandfather was a magician and needed an assistant but instead of picking his grand daughter he picked me a) because I wouldn't say how the magic house worked and b) I was small and double jointed.

Jean asked me to explain how the trick worked and I said I couldn't because I had promised and from this the conversation got onto the Magic Circle. At this point Jean got upset because me and Al where saying we didn't know the things magician knew and that we couldn't becuase we weren't part of the Magic Circle.

She was really really irrate with us until we explained that Grandfather Lionel was part of the Magic Circle - this cheered her up and she decided she wanted to email him to ask.

So we sent the email off and she later had a skype call with Lionel (I think I wasn't there) and from this she has decided she wants to go to some magic school and learn tricks. She has also been making up her own magic tricks - which are sweet and slightly painful to watch and has led to some rib cracking moments when she hid a banana down her trousers. We couldn't stop laughing - she couldn't see the joke and got angry with the stupid adults!

First Aid Beany (by )

After acting like a monster Jean proceeded to do something amazing for a 5yr old. She'd gone over to Barbara for a yogurt and came back saying she'd had an adventure - she then told use she had washed Barbara's leg and put a plaster and bandage on it.

We asked why and she told us Barbara had stabbed her leg with a fork!

Startled Al rushed over to Barbara's to find that indeed Barbara had stabbed her self with garden fork, she had been carrying over her shoulder and let go and it had fallen hitting and stabbing her calf.

Al told her that it would have to be kept an eye on and if it didn't heel or became infected she'd have to go to a Dr (She should have gone anyway but that wasn't going to happen.)

Anyway I was amazed at Jean - should could have just run away from the situation like most five year olds or been inept but she wasn't. I am also worried that she was put in such a mature situation to be quiet honest :/

But mostly I'm proud of her.

Barbara got convinced to see a Dr by a friend and ended up on antibiotics.

Challenges for September (by )

Starting slightly late this month but I do have a series of challenges - first off I want to get back into the novel I was writing for the Terry Pratchett Prize. It has been on the back burner for two reasons a) Jean being on holiday and me being pregnant meant I just did not have time or energy to do much other that look after me and the 'kids'.

And b) I have sorted out the storyline now - there is actually a plot and stuff but somehow this appearance of a destination stopped me writing :/ I think I need to force myself back into it which is what I shall be doing this month.

I am not doing any proper work at the moment as my hands and things are just being to too erratic - basically if I fail at my own challenges I'm not going to upset people or get sued where as if I take on a client - it's a different matter entirely :/

I would like to get the novel finished this month though realise the hope of doing so is minimal :/ I'm going to say I'll do 1000 words or an hrs writing today - mainly because if I haven't reached 1000 words in an hour I'm struggling and it probably will not happen no matter how long I sit there!

I would like to have the novel finished so that a) I can attempt GothNoWriMo in October but with NaNoWriMo that would be three concecutive months of novel writing and I'm not sure I'm up for that!

b) I want the novel have it's first lot of changes done in the beginning of October ie spelling and grammar and then to be sent to readers for feed back. This would hopefully then give me a month to effect any further changes and get it actually sent off!

So with this tall order what is my second creative challenge for the month?

To write a blog post a day - this is not a hard one as I tend to manage this each month without trying 😉

Ok so I shall begin!

A Five Year Old Monster :( (by )

Yesterday Jean went back to school and was taken by one of the other parents to their younger child's birthday party. Jean was returned before the end of the party under the claim of being tired (having apparently almost fallen asleep in assembly). But then I am told she has been told off by some of the other parents at the party for being naughty and aggressive to the other children :/

I asked Jean about this and she said she had tried being nice but the younger kids had been naughty to her. I gave her a speech about younger children and told her to go to her room and think about her behaviour especially as she had not been that well behaved with Al's cousins kid who came to visit the day before. She mantains she wants the younger kids to come and play but as far as I can see is being awful to them. 🙁

Her behaviour has been bad the last few weeks - I thought part of it was excitement over the party and part boredom of being at home with adults and no kids. Now I am ashamed and embarrassed 🙁

A situation not helped by the fact that Barbara then shouted at the mum for not turning around in the right place in our garden. How are we supposed to have friendships if she does that? The less people who visit the worse I feel Jean's behaviour comes :/

I know she has basically only mixed with boys over the summer when she has mixed at all but really that and tiredness is not an excuess - especially when the tiredness is her own fault for refusing to go to sleep :/

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