Of C-sections and Crutches (by )

Good news is I am having a C-Section - perhaps a bizar thing to be happy about but after the labor I had with Jean it is a bit of a relief. The bad news is that it will apparently do nothing for the pelvic problems 🙁 the reason for c-section are that I had a level three tear with Jean as well as the apeaseotomy. I had a few problems from this with this with the stitches and blood lose last time along with part of it not having initially been caught which had to be dealt with months after birth :/

I think I was being a bit dim about that though as I hadn't realised it was normal to bleed so much after labor and things. Anyway so that is why I am having a c-section and then of course there is the fact that I have a low laying placentea and I had gestational diabetes last time. So all this means I am having lots of scans to monitor how big the baby is getting and stuff!

Unfortunatly the seperated pelvis is already becoming so painful it is as the dr put in his notes 'debilitating'. I am back on crutches in the hope that I will be able to still walk about abit - I am not using them in the house but am awear my posture is worse without them :/

The consultant assures me the baby can't fall out even though my ligaments have basically all loosened up for labor - hence mobile pelvis. Sounds like a daft question but the pelvis thing was missed with Jean as I was too sick to be allowed out of bed.

And as I've mentioned previously I am starting to have issues with getting myself out of bed and putting trousers on etc.. whilst standing up is hard.

Oh and I get screened for super bugs!

My nose bleeds are normal and so is blood pressure 🙂 Though when stressed it is spiking which sucks and increases the nose bleed :/

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