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Jean has been accepted onto the Eco-Council at school - this was something she came home saying she wanted to do and so she made a card with things on it that represented environmental issues to her (so it was all dolphins and stuff) and then dictated what she wanted to say to me.

It was stuff like 'I am good at putting things in the compost bins and can tell other people how to do it right and stuff' The word stuff did come up a few times :/

She then attempted to write it all herself into the card which went a bit arrey as she had written quiet a bit on why she wanted to be on the Eco-Council all of which omitted the presance of the shiny badge they get to wear!

I was suprised she could even actually enter for it and checked with the school! Then there was getting the letter into school - Jean kept checking her bag but after she got home from school 'the letters still there mummy!' panicked wail. We'd gone through the fact that she might not get a place but she was determined to try - so in the end she handed it personally to the Head Master at their end of project display.

And she got in!

She is very happen about this even though it means she doesn't get much play on Wednesdays - the meetings being at lunch time. This is week three of meetings and she still seems happy with it 🙂 The main issue is getting her to hold her cardi properlly so that the badge doesn't get scraped across the ground - we've already had tears where she thought she had lost it but Daddy had just put the other cardigan on her.

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