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This week has seen me back at the hospital with complications from the birth. Unfortunatly I started bleeding very heavily again - I thought the bleeding was stopping as I'd only 'spotted' for a couple of days but then suddenly I was bleeding again. I assumed that as the smear test had come back clear I was alright and it was just a period, I said to Alaric I just wished I'd had a chance to stop bleeding from the pregnancy before I got a period.

But then the amount of blood I was loosing increased drastically. It was now heavier than it had been after the c-section but not what I would call 'life-threatening' ie it was no were near what I was loosing after my delivery of Jean (virginal birth with complications and heavy blood loss). With Jean I only bleed for 10 weeks, you are supposed to bleed for no more than six but I'd had a bit of placenta left behind which came out and all was fine.

But that couldn't be the case with the c-section as they had had to do a big clean out why they were at it due to what they found there. I just thought that was what happened with c-sections.

Anyway - the bleeding got heavier and with a couple phone calls and several referals I got sent to A&E, I was soaking through my clothing if I didn't change my pad about once an hour and I'd started throwing up. Al phoned for me initially as I kept still saying I was fine.

Anyway I wont go into the gory details but it turns out I have an infection in the womb lining and my bodies been trying to flush it out and it was the start of my first period but my body couldn't cope and so the bleeding was really heavy. It's concerning because it wares you down. I have now been bleeding for 12 odd weeks and had four days of extremely heavy bleeding (so far) when I'm already suffering from anemia 🙁

But I am now on antibiotics and (yes again I know) and am going back for more scans and things this week. Hopefully this will have everything sorted out.

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