Science-Art (by )

I have set up a Science-Art website which is specifically designed to deal with things like my paleo-art and space man picture, not too mention Cloud Computing and my sci-tech poetry and world building stuff.

It will have regular articals/ posts and be where I collect together the pictures, sculpture and the like that is to do with science.

Check it out at:

April’s Challenges (by )

April starts off busy with the Cheltenham Poetry Festival which I am/have been performing several things for. Then there is Script Frenzy - this is a writing challenge along the lines of NaNoWriMo but the idea is that within a month I write a 100 page script - I am reattempting last years project of a graphic novel script which chronicals the Punks life from the fall of Babel - it's all on Purple Monster for those interested.

Then there is a yet another poetry challenge NaPoWriMo - I am going to be using this as an excuess to work on songs. I will spend at least one hour a day on song writing and polishing. Bar however long it takes me to do the Little Book of Easter Poetry for Jean and Mary.

I am also launching my Science-Art Website on the 4th which I hope people will like 🙂

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