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Mary eating Carrot Mush 3 1/2 months

Mary is only 3 1/2 months old and I am weaning her - I started by letting her just taste things at about 3 months because she would squeak angrily when we were eating - screwing her little face up and looking like a red Donald Duck. But because World Health Organisation recommends just breast for the first 6 months I was trying to hold off full blown weaning as in giving her mushed up foods to eat.

But she just would not sleep and began grabbing at food we were eating. So I chewed up banana and fed it too her and she slept like a log!

We had to wean Jean at three months as well after talking to the Midwife/Health Visitor who was coming round at the time - Jean was a hungrier baby though so I thought Mary would last out a bit longer.

Anyway the last few days have been great - she loves banana, carrot and parsnip, semolina (without sugar!), peas and sprouts. She is really enthusiastic about this and grins when she sees she's being put in the highchair. She even grabs the spoon and to my amazement tries to ram it in her mouth - though I think this is many due to the fact she tries to ram everything into her mouth at the moment!

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