3 Months and Counting (by )

Mary being an astrobabe

Mary is coming up to 4 months but was three when the picture was taken - she is belly laughing, attempting to sing along with me and Jean and looking round at the world in interest. She will remain sitting up if you put her in that position and if place on her front she makes slow progression towards what ever it is she wants!

She loves fabric and cloth and has unfortunatly sampled the delights of cat tail :/

Her favourite toys are the Minni Mouse Jean bought her and Gaia (the planet earth soft baby toy with mirror in it etc..

She will stop crying at the sight of her sister or me with the glittery guitar. She loves me singing the alphabet but only if I sign the letters at her whilst singing. She moves her hands in a sort of poo sign whilst going red and still appears to do the milk sign though this is probably parental wishfulness.

She loves sucking her hands and is the drooliest baby I have ever met! She even acts excited when Alaric comes home from London!

Health wise she has had the vaccinations, she appears to have an issue with cow milk (formula) and right from word go has had more skin issues than Jean.

Her sister is far too huggy with her and still gets annoyed if people try to 'take her sister away' ie hug the baby. She also tells us off if we say Mary is daft!

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