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Looking at what I have achieved since the New Year I have decided that June's challenges are going to be a Finishing Projects Month and a Game Design Month.

FiPoMo and GeDeMo - I did a GeDeMo last year which worked really well and I got a beta version of a card game I use for writing workshops out of it. I also got it a fair way towards the sellable version. It is part of a group of games that can fit together to make a bigger game and as it looks like I'm in the running workshops business now I really need the game completed.

I'm going to start of by making a large slightly altered version to use at children's writing workshops. Then I want to get the poetry card pack actually out there and selling - after that there is a lot of other things like making the next card packs and designing and testing the board which is going to be heavy on the graphics side of things I feel.

For the FiPoMo I am going to focus on getting the illustrations for the Little Books of Poetry sorted out and editing the poems - yes the first week of May I wrote 70 children's poems - mad, insane and it melted my brain!

I have a deadline for some of these. I think that will take up all of the time to be honest.

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