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I realise that I never did blog about what happened at the Drs after the whole abulence thing - well I had to go to the hospital where they took a biopsy and examined me and their conclusion was that it was actually my hormone levels and the mega bleeds had coincided with mammoth all night breast feeds by Mary. This sometimes happens with women.

Anyway I was already on the hormone to help stop the bleeding and it dwindled and disappeared for about 4 days and then I was out of hormone and had three days before my next Drs appointment - I started bleeding again which got heavy mainly due to the fact that I thought I'd stopped bleeding and that it would be ok to breast feed Mary again :/

I saw the Dr and she wants to get the biopsy results before doing anything like giving me the coil but she gave me a lower dose hormone which is the pill basically. I'm ok on this one - the higher does one though it slowed the bleeding a lot quicker made me so tempramental - Al say's he's never been shouted at so much in his life. The first three days I was a monster - there was even a thrown plate :/

I was going form shouting about the minutest thing that had 'gone wronge' to then bursting into tears because I was shouting at people for no reason and was a bad person. I was having hot flushes and I was hungry ALL THE TIME. This had settles down abit around the time I ran out of tablets. The smaller tablets had me a little bit grouchy the first day and a half but I've been fine since.

I am still bleeding though which is rediculous - it's over four months now since I had the baby and I didn't realise how drained I was feeling. On the plus side it is getting sorted now - I'm not too worried even though I have gained 1/2 a stone as I am being able to do more things as have more energy with less bleeding which means more exercise and hopefully more weight loss in the long term.

I did almost cry at the Drs about the breast feeding thing - basically I've stopped which makes me so sad and makes me feel like I am letting Mary down and I thought I could get it right with her - I already feel I stuff the breast feeding up with Jean. She said it was ok - that I'd given the baby a good start.

I still feel I am letting my babies down with this aspect of things and I don't think there is anything that anyone can really say to alter that :/

Anyway I am feeling a lot better.


  • By Nikki, Tue 7th Jun 2011 @ 2:02 pm

    Don't feel bad about stopping breast-feeding - you did what you could. For some women, that's none at all, for others it lasts almost until they start school! My elder son stopped at 2 months because he was just so hungry that I wasn't producing enough milk; the younger one went on until about 10 months with a brief hiatus for a heatwave when neither of us found the experience pleasurable, we were so hot.

    Glad you're feeling better in yourself now, because in the end that's more important - it's very difficult to look after other people if you're feeling rubbish yourself!

  • By sarah, Fri 10th Jun 2011 @ 9:34 am

    That's I'm coming to terms with it - I think that with the mobility issues I placed to much importance on things like breast feeding as being stuff I could do. Really it was the only way I had of specifically looking after either her :/

    But at the same time it frees me up to take all the medication I need and to start working harder on the mobility issues.


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