Mum and her Scooter (by )

As some of you know Mum had an accident where her mobility scooter went backwards down a slope and crashed into a kirb. She fell scooter and all - I saw the horror on her face and got dad to hand me the baby so he could go to her. Jeany run up too her and was informing everyone that it was her Nanny etc...

This was Friday in Gloucester Docks - the dock security and the ambulance team where fantastic and between the four of them got mum up onto the stretcher and loaded into the ambulance - I spent most of the time in the car with the two girls as I couldn't really do much else. Once Jeany came back to the car I left her momentarily holding Mary whilst I told the security etc... that mum has brittle bone disease as Dad was in a bit of a flap. I then took mum's handbag and shopping back to the car.

People must have thought I was really strange but I knew mum would be panicking about her material and stuff and sure enough all she said was sorry and 'I think I've lost my buttons!'

They thought she had broken her hip but fortunatly she hadn't - it's all "just" soft tissue damage but she is pretty beaten up and the bruises and grazes look bad. She is having to use a zima frame to walk at the moment 🙁

Again the post code lottery was evident with the nhs - as mum was informed that if she lived here a stair lift and stuff would have already been put in her home - something the nhs back in Essex wont do.

The x-rays they did did show however that her heart and lungs have been badly damaged by the radiotherapy for the cancer treatment which sucks but I suppose is better than the alternative.

Sunday as the craft fayre I was supposed to be doing was canceled I took mum, dad and the girls to the local carvery were was spent about 4 hours watching the classic, vintage and kit cars going past on the round about - we sat outside and I took blankets and games for the girls.

Poor dad still ended up carrying all the food as though I am trying to use one crutch instead of two I found I simply didn't have the hand strength to carry the plates! But mum enjoyed her outing. She is in more pain today though than she was when she came home from the hospital and bruising is still appearing on her.

Of course because fundimentally she is ok and will just take time to mend it is funny to say she crushed her mobility scooter but it wasn't at the time :/

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