Still Bleeding (by )

Yep seven months on and I'm still bleeding - doubling the hormone tablets didn't work so they suggested the Mirina coil which I had fitted about two weeks ago - it was horrible and ouchy and then cramps had me wacked for the rest of that day.

And... well the bleedings gotten worse - I'm still taking the hormone tablets and it could take 6 months for the coil to work/settle down. I'm feeling exhorsted again and being thick so assuming I'm anemic again so have restarted the suppliments.

At this rate I'm going to have been bleeding for over a year before it settles down - which is not good - mainly though because I know I can go swimming with a tampon in but euw and yuck and I'm not going to be doing that. Now in my original plan for after birth fitness I should have been swimming from the point my c-section wound had heeled enough - and as swimming is the only excersise I can do without incredible amounts of pain this is a problem.

There are other health issues going on as well with my eyes and stuff which is making me feel a little angry with the world again but on the plus side - my pelvis is so much better which frees me up alot.

September Challenges/To-Do’s (by )

September has snuck up on me and sees me papier mache-ing like a mad thing - my aim? To create a piece of textural science art for the visually impaired and the blind.

This piece of art work does not just involve papier mache though - it involves knitting, sewing, clay sculpting, sugru, polymer clay, wire work, metal casting, wood carving, stone carving, geology and acrylic paints not too mention lots of recycled pots and tubs and our mountain of graze boxes.

This all needs to be ready for the 24th of September for the Centre Arts Exhibition in Braille. And yes I am panicking - it is a play on the tree of life but I have gone for a more coral/byozoan feel and hope to have life in various forms sitting in the polyp tubes (what I have instead of branches). A relief of the scientific creation of life will hopefully be feelable along the base along with an audio poem/story of life.

Apart from that I am researching stuff for my Punk in Pink series and generally trying to take the musical me forward.

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