Poor Hydro-Puss (by )

We are currently awaiting info from the vet having approved an operation to wire Hydrogen jaw up and to remove maggots from her feet.

As some of you know she has been missing for 3 weeks now and we have been searching high and low for her. Today - the day Alaric took the car in to have the brakes fixed Barbara turns up and says she's found what might be Hydrogen at the top of the road.

She helped me get her out of the boot. The little thing was so light and smelt odd and it appeared to me that half her face was missing - but not in a fresh way - in a sort of healed kind of way.

I put her in the bathroom meaning to feed her and clean her up she seemed so happy to be home but then I thought about it and wondered how I was going to get to the vets as Barbara had left saying let her know if she needed taking to the vets but that it wasn't an emergancy.

Inge the lady who comes to do the garden came and asked me if she could take us to the vet - and I said yes but realised I couldn't go. Even if I asked another parent to get Jean from school we had left the car seat in our car which is in a garage being fixed.

She my poor little cat who was so happy to see me and obviously needing help - I bundled into a box (the cat basket) and handed to some else to be taken to the scariest place for cats with the knowledge that I will likely not be hearing that meow again - but I had to because either way the vet is who can help her.

My poor little cat - I still remember us getting the two girls - http://www.snell-pym.org.uk/archives/2006/07/07/kittens/.


  • By alaric, Tue 15th Nov 2011 @ 4:23 pm

    Status update: The vet says that the damage to her jaw is severe, and even if they try and repair it, the extent of the physical bone breakage and the infection in the flesh around it may mean that she never eats again.

    However, given that she's a survivor, and was still perky and clearly pleased to see Sarah when she was found, we've decided to go ahead with wiring her jawbone back together, lots of antibiotics, and a nutrient drip and probably a feeding tube. Her chances of being able to eat (and, therefore, survive) are slim, but we've decided that she will probably try.

    As I write this, I just got a phone call from the vet that the surgery went well and she's coming around from the anesthesia; we'll hear how she's doing tomorrow, and find out when we can visit (I suspect she'll be very happy to see us).

  • By Ulrike, Tue 15th Nov 2011 @ 6:14 pm

    My heart goes out to you guys (and poor pussycat!) this is awful 🙁

    Have they got any idea what might have happened to her???

    I hope she pulls through...

  • By alaric, Wed 16th Nov 2011 @ 10:26 am

    I'm guessing that a car hit her (as the injury is just to her jaw, and not scratches etc. elsewhere), and she was then shocked and dazed and wandered around, lost, slowly starving 🙁

  • By alaric, Wed 16th Nov 2011 @ 10:49 am

    The vet rang! Hydrogen's done well overnight, and is even managing to lick up liquified food this morning!

    She might need more surgery, depending on how her jaw heals - they might need to cut away some dead bone and put in more metalwork.

    But unless the infection in her jaw spreads and kills her, it looks like she's going to survive!

  • By alaric, Thu 17th Nov 2011 @ 12:33 pm

    The vet rang again today; Hydrogen's jaw is stable enough for her to be eating soft food, so we can come and take her home today!

    She'll have some special high-calorie soft food that's easy to eat and will help her regain weight after starving for days (weeks?).

    She needs to go back in five days to see how her jaw's recovering and to decide if she needs more surgery.

    Expect photos soon - but we're over the moon to be getting her back 😀

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