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Lucy Has The Most Wonderful Dreams

Tuesday 1st of November

I saw a rabbit I walked up to it but when I walked up to it I saw something glowing in it's hand I snugged up to it and we went to a noter world it was sandy in the world it looked like a beach but before me and Jack Jack got to move Jack Jack told me that there was a pirate coming.

Chapter 2

The Party with the pirates

When we awoke me and Jack Jack where in cabins I remembered where we were so we tried to get out of the cabins but we couldn't get out before we got to say anything a pirate saw us . We couldn't move cos the pirate had already roped us up. The pirates were going to kill us the Captain saved our lives because he wanted people for his party the food was haddock, cod, sammon, and sardines. Just then the stone began to glow.

Chapter 3

The rabbit family

When we got back JAck Jack told me that he had to go home, I fallowed JAck Jack to his home JAck Jack said ok you can come home with me but my mummy will be looking at you I said errr ok I like that idea

good said jack jack I would like that to

Show you too my mummy but if you get cut on the way and I what is your name

JEan Rose Pym my mum said only Jean Rose Pym can go in the our secret room

I would love to go in your secret room.

Chapter 4

The Secret Room

Mum might not let you that will be ok and after that I will go home and tell my mum all about it JAck Jack said no

ok then that's ok.

Chapter 5

The Space Adventure

Jack Jack took me to the secret room the secret room had a house in it with me and Jack Jack as toys U wanted ti get out of the secret room, but Jack Jack said No, no do not go out of the secret room you will fall into space because we are floating into space and earth is not in line with us a lamp rocket is lifting us into space.and we are going to the moon, very fast zoom zoom zoom zoom zoom zoom, I said yes very very very very very very fast zoom zoom I said this is a fun trip yippee, oo ahhh. Jack Jack said we are at the moon now ok you then you cos I am hungry and desperate for the loo Jack jack said

good cos there is a loo and a restaurant so we went into the restaurant, then I figured out that it was an unclean restaurant and decided to not eat any of the food because it was poo and there was quiet a party with lots of alien dogs that bring the human poo into the restaurant but the aliens eat human poo so we went to earth and then I figured out the adventures were not real and jack jack was just a picture on the wall I was sad but it was time to get ready for school we did history, science and sports afterwards I went home and watched the Mysterious Cities of Gold with my mum but then I just remembered I didn't tell Jack Jack what I had to tell him. I had to tell him how old I am but he wasn't there. I was sad and I am six. So I went to sleep but he wasn't there it was just black then I recognised that it had to be night so I went to be early because it was din dins time

mum said come and have din dins

no mum I am going to bed good night.

err are you having an early night?

yes because it is a hard working day tomorrow

It is? It's friday

I am going to go into my bed early so I can see Jack Jack

mummy said no you mustn't stay because we are going to go and watch Mysterious Cities of Gold

No it will make your eyes square mum said it would OK!


ok but this is going to be your bed time from now on

Ok but I might not have the same dreams murmured mummy


OK MUMMY But I stayed up all night watching TV for a quarter of the night and played star wars and last of all I sung christmas carols it was fun in the morning I suddenly fell asleep mum thought I was asleep all night but I hadn't thank goodness that it was the weekend other wise I would die and that would be bad yes it would but mummy gave me work.

I said but I will die ok just this time good night mum Good night lullaby ahhhhh I was asleep for the whole day.

I saw a dog Rob was his name I told him my name it was MAry Rob said Hello Mary lets go to the pub great idea errr I a want a big portion of chips to share with you lots of salt and vinagar too yum yum that will be tasty

I will want a pickled egg me too said Rob that is our order our order is done I might fall asleep in the pub because I am sleepy

me too said Rob and he fell asleep straight away

before we could say anything the only noise in the car was snorring but suddenly a hedghog went in the car and made a skuttling sound and a rabbit came in the car and made a snifing sound a really loud sound but me and rob were still asleep

just the a cat came in and meowed but me and rob still were asleep we didnt yawn we didnt turn we were asleep and mum wondered were I was and I was just in the car but mum didnt know that I was in the car and just at that moment I woke up.

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