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Mary has been imitating sounds for months but as expected of a bilingual baby she hasn't really produced words with meaning they are just copies of what we are saying. She like Jean has been raised with baby sign as well so there is no real incentive to talk early.

But as we home in on her 1st birthday she has started to point at the cats and say yip! we'd say cat, she'd say yap. And then today she came out with "There's a cat!" no a word but a sentence - true she does not pronounce a hard T on the end of cat but it doesn't stop there - she then went on to say "Oh dear!" when she dropped her bottle.

Then we got the classic "NoNoNoNooooooono!" and so forth - so I have a baby that has gone from just babbling and copying sound (though in fairness she does 'sing' alot) to on that is stringing words together! I have no idea if this is advance or not - Jean did something similiar after her initial imatation of the word hurrah! She then didn't say anything until the January after her first birthday when I bought my red glittery shoes home - but again she went for a dramatic no talking - babbling sense.

So we are very proud of little Mary 🙂

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