Cheltenham Poetry Festival 2012 (by )

Last week saw the Cheltenham Poetry Festival.

I started off by going to see Domestic Cherry - so funny. It was Michael Scott and Hilda Sheechan in the personas of a Swidon Chav and a hyper kitch Housewife.

Domestic Cherry

The I headed out to dinner with one of the stewards and then onto Slak Bar to see Mab Jones and her Welsh Rare Bits - these guys are amazing! Laughter until tears stream down your face. Unfortunatly I had to leave this event early due to illness.

Leeum as a Rare Bit Another Rare Bit Mab Jones

The next morning saw me up bright and early and sitting in The Muffin Man sipping tea awaiting to share my poetry. I was part of the Poetry Cafe Showcase.

Poetry Cafe Showcase Cheltenham Poetry Festival 2012

I then stayed on to watch The Stroud Pamphlet Poets.

Stroud Pamphlet Poet 2 Stroud Pamphlet Poet Eley Furrell Stroud Pamphlet Poets

Then I headed over to Waterstones to watch various poets there

Jennie Farley Nick Leeum Leeum Johnson

Leeum did like a 20 minute show from memory that had the audience reeling (or in one case wanting to give him a hug).

The next day I had a workshop to run - the Monster Writing Game - it was supposed to be at The Brewery but the weather was just too bad so it was moved to Waterstones.

Monster Bag The Monster Writing Game in Cheltenham Waterstones Writing game in action

We stuck around for a Jean to take part in Joy-Amy Wigman's childrens workshop - also on monster 🙂

Rhyme Time at Waterstones Cheltenham Joy-Amy and Monsters

We stayed on for the Childrens Poetry showcase with Francis Axon - Jeany loves her poetry which she had heard at Christmas in the Brewery. The other poet unfortunatly couldn't attend so I ended up performing some of my childrens poems.

Francis Axon

The next day saw me back out early for more childrens workshops - this time it was The Poetry Bees and Their Story Tree. My poor Dad had to walk through Cheltenham with a giant papier mache purple tree - only happens to people who know me 🙂

Story Tree on the Move Children reading their poems Poetry Bee at Work Sarah reading her childrens poetry Me and The Story Tree The Story Tree complete with Poetry Bee Hive Poetry Bees in Their New Home

Poetic Blooms around the Story Tree Me Reading Kids Poetry in Waterstones Cheltenham

I then got ready for Occupy Poetry - the last night poetry party bonanza.

Purple Poet No Eyes

Alaric was once more forced to listen to poetry - but this time he had company 🙂

Poetry Listening Dudes

I took arty shots

Light on Glass rainbow Glasses

Then the comedy started with Julie Psycho Jones and Josh plus the performance Poet Ash.

Julie Psyco Burlesque Julie Jones Julie Psycho Jones

Comedy, drinks and lighting

Scary Aussy Comic Singing Angry Koala Anger Management Koala

Poetry Festival Slak 2012 Josh

Pink Sniper


Ash Ash at Slak Bar

It was a brilliant but exhusting week and I wish I'd gotten to see more.

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