Dad’s 65th Birthday – A Discworld Adventure (by )

Great A'Tuin Cake

It was my dad's 65th birthday (his actual birthday was the 3rd but what with all the well everything that we've been doing - we decided to post pone it!). My dad is a massive fan of the Discworld series by Terry Pratchette - I introduced him to them when I were back at university.

SO I themed his birthday. We had:

The luggage and Friends:

Luggage Cakes

Wizard Hats and white chocolate stars:

Wizard Hat cup cake

I made one or two of them 🙂 If my Bro and his wife could have made it I was going to do chaos butterflies and Death cupcakes but as it is I already made far too much!

Wizzard Hat cup cakes

And of course we had the main cake - the Great Star Turtle A'Tuin rinding through space with the world on his back, held up by four elephants - who admittedly look like some sort of elephant/mouse cross bred.

The Disc World Cake One of the Four Elephants holding up the world made of sugar paste The Circle Sea and Cori Celesti in fondant Discworld cake side view

Dad seemed very please even if we did have a clash of the culinary cultures over his macaroni cheese and fried onions (Alaric put them in the actual macaroni cheese which was great but as we had never had that before and the only thing like it had been a horrible celery in the macaroni cheese - we initially all reacted with horror which we tried to cover up as he had been cooking for ages making all the sauce and everything - poor Alaric). We had pear cider and opened the Cider Brandy Alaric's Step brother Simon got us.

The Ferfer awaiting macaroni cheese Ferfer's 65th birthday meal

Dad's reaction to the cake was great - he says he loves the elephants and the fact I put the mountains in too 🙂 The Luggages didn't not come out as well as I wanted but Jean who had been watching The Colour of Magic and The Hogfather with Ferfer came into the kitchen and exclaimed 'Mummy you've made Luggages!'

I think the box set of Discworld films was greatly appreciated by Dad as well 🙂

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  • By Seth, Thu 19th Jul 2012 @ 8:43 am

    Sarah your derpy elephants make me happy

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