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We entered LegoLand

As I'm sure everyone is sick of hearing already we went to Lego land at the weekend with Alaric's cousin Maurice and his kids Harry and Annabelle. I can not say how much I enjoyed it though it was slightly too cold for me and the queuing situation ment we didn't do alot of stuff. I have to confess that though lego land was my idea I didn't realise it was a theme park! I thought it was just lots and lots of models of things and room full of lego to play on - so I was pleasently surprised especially as we got a firework display and a 4D movie as well.

There are a lot of photos which I will probably split over several posts.

As we drew near there were lego people moving lego letters into place and Jean and Daddy and Me were puzzling over them when we saw that they make a giant WELCOME! Excitement grew especially when we found that the parking lot was marked out by giant lego letters!

Our parking marker at LegoLand was a B made of lego as was the pole!

I then got a little over excited at all the lego models that were Halloween themed and Jeany had to come and get me before I got completely seperated from the rest of the group.

lego witch Pumpkins and Owls and all made of lego Lego Wizard Lego Spell Maker Spooky Lego Lego ghost in a lego cauldron Lego Frankenstien Pumpkins! One is a bit different from the others Giant Lego Ghost Lego Spider

We all grouped in the obvious place - by the dino lego clock! This had Jeany most interested 🙂

Alaric, Maurice and the kids and the lego dino

The weather wasn't brilliant but I still thought the views were pretty impressive 🙂

View over Windsor from LegoLand Windsor Landscape

We then went into the Star Wars exhibit - but I will cover that in another post! As will Land of The Vikings, Minni World and Dino Safari 🙂

The kids wanted to go on a water ride which had dragons all over it. (I videoed them actually going past.)

Blue lego dragon

Red Lego Dragon

Mary got frussy about not getting to join in or being allowed out of her pram so Alaric devised a method called - rope.

Alaric working out how to keep tabs on Mary

And then we went into the Maze! I think Alaric was more excited about this than anybody else though Harry solved it the fastest even if it did get him told off for running off 🙂

The kids entering the Maze

Each of the kids had to put their heads in the wholes for photos - this isn't lots of the same pic honest!

Cheeky Peeky Harry Monster Annabelle Monster Cheeky imp Annabelle Waiting Annabelle Viking Jean awaiting

Harry at the center of the maze

We wanted to go in and see the Egyptian stuff but there was a 75 minute wait! So we moved on to LEGO City in search of food. Of which we found pizza!

The girls found the camel driver Lego archeologist Camel and Camel herder lego Camel

Lego Pharaoh

Lego City where the kids get diggy!

The entrance to the road fixing section of lego city MAry was miffed

Though they had to queue for ages!

Queuing Harry on the digger Digger balls! Annabelle Digging at Legoland Windsor Jean Digging at Legoland Windsor

I kept finding lots of extra little things to photograph as we went.

Wild cats and more in lego Lego Leopard Family lego snake charmers mexicana in lego lego picnic Lego squirrel and bat Lego Birdy

Including the hotel were we all agreed we wanted to stay and had a long involved conversation about weather or not the beds and curtains would be made of lego!

Alaric and the girls outside the lego hotel

Funky bits on the Lego Hotel Giant lego monkey

Then there was an attempt at Atlantis but the que was too long, we did however brave the que for Dino Safari ( photos of which will be in another post along with most of the ones from Lego City!) We also watched a pirate play with the most amazing stunt actors - those are real people falling off the tower!

Those are real stunt actors jumping from the lighthouse at LegoLand

There is a lot more to come!

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