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It's November the first which means it is NaNoWriMo again - this is National Novel Writing Month though it is a global event theses days. I have roped Alaric in this year as well as he has been moping about how work on his novel has completely stopped now he no longer has comutes to London.

Pumpkin count down to NaNoWriMo

I am sending him to his first meet on his own tonight in Bristol which has a vibrant group with friends from Uni plus it is close to his Hack Space which he goes to on Thursdays anyway. I on the other hand will wait for the weekend when I shall pootle into Gloucester to go and have coffee and do some writing and catching up with my WriMo friends who ashamedly I have failed to meet up with outside of the writing yet again!

Chocolate motif halloween cupcakes

I am continuing on from the novel I started for GothNoWriMo last month - well sort of - it has actually spilt itself into three so I shall be working on the second story/book The Prophesy it is part of the Punk Canon as I am now calling everything set in my world of gentically engineered humans and older hominid race with ancient super computers and what not. This trilogy called The Godex is specifically about bio-computers and ancient blood cults - it is a psuedo horror/crime with elements of Grail type quests within.

It is doing things I didn't expect it too - the manuscript has become a living creature with its own ideas of whats happening - all I know is the over all story arch and how it fits in with The Punk tails.

Jean's star nosed pumpkin

And then because I am completely nutty I am also doing PiBoIdMo which is Picture Book Idea Month with Tara Lazar once again. It was this picture book challenge that really got the The Little Books of Poetry going. The Little Book of Spoogy Poetry already existed - just. But The Little Book of Festive Poetry and the others stemmed from this writing challenge. I shall be blogging and stuff about the kidlit over on Orange Monster but in summary I shall write up my list of ideas - some will be new some will be ones I have scattered in notebooks of which I already have hundreds :/

Pumpkin of Cranham Village

However PiBoIdMo has become something more to me - it is a month that I work on childrens books. I am hoping to get The Little Book of Festive Poetry actually in print for the public this month - at the least you shall have a down loadable ebook like I have just done with Spoogy. Last year I made 100 copies with my home printer and embellised the cover with metallic pens and things as gifts for people - some of whom will be getting them this year instead!

Autumn cakes

30 hrs minimum I shall spend on my kidlit projects this month - I did this last month in the effort to get Spoogy out there and that achieved all the illustrations and the time it took to scan, edit and put the book together.

The Little Book Of Spoogy Poetry

I love my writing and drawing challenges 🙂

The first book of The Godex - The Awakening is going out on Black Monster a 1000 words at a time - it is completely unedited and I am very dyslexic but it is there if you want to read it - or wait five years and you can buy the nice edited version 😉

And that brings me back to Halloween 🙂

Severed foot blood cake

The kids all seemed to have a great time out on their walk and floating lanterns on the stream in the village. I stayed in the hall to finish decorating the cakes and prepare the luke warm hot chocolate 🙂

Halloween and autumn cakes and jelly ghosts Cups galour Mary eating a severed finger Spider vegan halloween cupcakes Spooky cupcakes Chocolate motif halloween cupcakes Blood and body parts cupcakes autumn the cupcake way autumn leaves cupcakes

(I love my new plunger cutters for icing)

regal icing autumn leafs

Then when we got back to the house I made dinner whilst Alaric did pumpkin carving with the girls - well Jean! Mary loves her little pumpkin that Jeany chose for her (because she loved hugging the little pumpkins at the farm shop!) but all she wants to do is hug it so we decided carving it would be a bad idea so I gave her a pen to decorate it with - she was exstatic!

Pumpkin pals

We haz pumpkins! Jean preparing the pumpkin for Daddy to carve MAry drawing on her huggable pumpkin Jean giving Mary advice on where to draw the cats and spiders on her pumpkin Mary Happily drawing on her pumpkin Baby Mary preparing to attack the pumpkin

They then went off to bed happy and I helped Alaric find his way round the NaNoWriMo forum and website 🙂

Pumpkin face

I was tempted to stay up and start writing but my wrists were a bit achy from the icing of cakes so I decided to rest well instead and lo! I am writing - well have been already this morning - now obviously I have a Mary to look after but here we go!

Oh and Jean's doing Nano again this year too 🙂 She is armed with the pink glitter monster notebook Ulrike gave her - she has spent about half an hour on characterisation and tonight after school (and a bit of room tidying) we will be having our very own little writ in - I even have toffee apple chocolate fingers 🙂

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