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Boxing Day in our house hold is the second day of stockings and the opening of all those presents that there just was not time to open on Christmas Day!

This particular Boxing Day it was discovered by Jean that everybody's stocking was full to bulging except... Mummy's :/ So I wouldn't be sad she sneaked in some chocs but didn't want to lie to me so told me. She reckons Santa must have forgotten as there was no coal which is what you get if you're naughty apparently. This made me cry because it was so sweet and I am hoping that Santa will perhaps drop off some late stuff say on my birthday!

Alaric cheered me up by presenting me with purple candles which I set out on the table as a centre piece - we put out our favourite table cloth to go with the candles 🙂

Purple Candles, purple table cloth

Purple candles purple glow Liquid purple

Jean got even more books which she was exstatic about along with reindeer earmuffs which she insisted on wearing out shopping today 🙂

Mary finally managed to open her presents - she had been so excited Christmas Day that she'd managed two! One of them was a bouncy reindeer toy which she loves very much and which resulted in a beached Mummy - for some reason I thought that it would be a good idea to try and sit on the thing, Alaric had to come and rescue me and my pelvis has been a bit mobile since but it was halarious at the same time 🙂

Mary and her Reindeer stealing Mummy's glittery shoes!

And of course Mummy's glittery red shoes were kid napped!

Baby Mary has stolen Mummy's shiny shoes

First by Mary then by Jean

Jean in Mummy's sparkly shoes

Mary then disappeared with them - when we tracked her down she had gifted the cat who was not entirely happy with it though just lay there like the fat lump he is accepting snugs from her :/

Tom the cat has now stolen Mummy's glittery shoes Mary petting poor tom after she presumably dumped my shoes on him What do you mean the cat doesn't like shiny shoes?

Mary seemed most put out with the idea that the cat wouldn't like the shoes!

We gave the neighbours some home made chocs and then settled down to a dinner of left overs 🙂 Jean declared it was the best dinner she could have - brussel sprouts, peas and one of her new books to read - Alaric is now wondering if she is actually a human child!

Jeany eating sprouts and peas whilst reading on Boxing Day

The book is The Worst Witch All At Sea which Jeany is emotionally engaged with as there is a catnapping and the cat and owner are sad! Her first statement on reading the book was, 'This is like old style Harry Potter only with just girls.'

Alaric played games with Jean on the computer and I wrote story ideas in my new lego note books! We are all alas a bit virally and the baby ended up calpoled and in bed with a mild temperature.

But it was a good Boxing Day even if I ended up having to nap!

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