Dreams of Bizar (by )

Ok so last nights dream... this guy called Matt I know who is a fantastic musician was setting up a performing arts space which needed loads of work, the building was shambolic and dark with wires hanging out of the ceiling. I was the manager and it really was a big rambling old building.

Creatures from the nth dimension had broken through these sort of crab-dogs which I was shooting whilst trying to prevent tenticles rising from the basement in a Cthulu type manor. Mean while Alaric had gotten himself trapped on the elysian fields which were accessible through the attic windows (these are the Greek/Roman version of Heaven). He was in the van and was trying to avoid the giant that was smashing it up whilst not driving off the edge.

Matt was wondering around doing DIY serenely whilst smashing mosters with a bit of two by four whilst asking me if I thought that we should put a climbing wall up in the hall way. Then one of my uni friends James (another fantastic musician) knocks on the door to ask if he can borrow the recording studio - I tell him to talk to Matt and it is all agreed but then he is followed by the backing choir, which was a 60 + strong hippy choir run by Jesus. They all wore technicolour coats made of patch work or knitted.

I was starting to get a bit frazzeled at this point so had to shrink Jean and Mary and pop them in a travel coat with two magical mice for protection. Mum and Dad then turned up looking grim with a credit card given to them by James Bond for me - I used it to hire a paranormal assassin to kill the giant and retrieve Alaric and whilst doing all of this I was making drinks and food for everybody and fretting over the fact I couldn't find any disinfectant to clean the crab-dog gunk up :/

Oh also it was tipping it down and grey outside in the dream and only the fields in the attic were sunny. There was flooding occuring and refugees began to turn up expecting food but Jesus told me he was out of miracles and that it was up to me.

When I told Al the dream he said, 'Ah so the fret about organising the big family meal has started - I thought you'd been rather calm.'

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