The Dawn of a New Age (by )

The Dawn of a New Age marked by Solstice Light - the Singularity is coming.

Solstice Light, The Dawn of a New Age

On this the darkest day of the year - sunlight is streaming in through the windows and through my garden crystals as seen above. I am steaming forward with my projects whilst welding rods are baked in the oven instead of Christmas Cake but then I have made chocolate christmas trees and finished the most complicated out line sketch of Percival's Christmas Wish. Life is odd but good and with the production of the DOOMSDAY COLLECTION it led me to think that yes this is a dawn of an age one in which I hope our species comes into it's own and stops killing and hurting one and other.

Technology and a greater understanding of the world and universe we live in, more minds coming on line via cheap tech who can interact and learn, and talk and solve problems. Give a person a loaf and you feed them for a day, give them farming tools and they feed themselves until the next drought, give them a cheap knock off i-pad and watch them find their own solutions.

It is already happening, even when the tech is in different languages and given to kids who can't read, within weeks they are making their own improvements to the tech. With such tools they can find the info they need to drag themselves and those around them out of poverty.

I am... Hopeful.

DoomsDay 21/12/12 (by )

Here is my DoomsDay Collection - an e-book (downloadable PDF) of stories and poems about worlds ending, changing and beginning. The collection does handle some dark topics and so is only for grown ups!

It is free at the moment especially for the Mayan prediction of a change of the ages 🙂 Just click the title below. It is dedicated to friends that left this world too soon.

The Doomsday Collection

I hope you enjoy it.

The Homeless Babies (by )

Today I am doing the front cover of Percival's Christmas Wish as part of my Draw-a-thon to raise money for Shelter. I have only been sponsored £10 so far but that is half a family who wont end up homeless in the first place! So it is all good though making it a whole family by the end of today would be brilliant 🙂

In total I need to draw 14-16 pictures before Christmas Eve! I am currently on number three which is the hardest of the pictures as it is the one for the cover as well. So far all pictures are only sketches and some of that quiet rough but I am going out later to pick up some new colouring pencils as mine were damaged in the move.

rough sketch of Percival

I would like to just emphasis that there are over 75, 000 homeless children this christmas the likes of which has not been seen since the 60's! I know it seems like a sea of faceless people but it's not - those people are people like you and me, things can change so quickly where finances are concerned.

Also last week a baby bunny was dumped outside a pet shop near us in a cardboard box, which we said we would take if it was adopted by yesterday - it hadn't been adopted so we now have a new addition to the Snell-Pym zoo - Fluffy Obsidian!

Guess which part of the name was mine and which bit was Jean's? :/

She reckons that rock names are too hard in that they are not fluffy and they are hard to say! She gave Alaric the option of Hedgwig or Fluffy for the rabbit and he opted for Fluffy as a bunny isn't an owl and though it is also not a three headed dog it's genetics would be closer to that than a bird.

baby bunny Fluffy Obsidian

If we could adopt the homeless kids we would but they don't need adopting - they need to be with their families and taking them away would be taking us straight back to the horrors of Victoriana, therefore we help the whole family. I am really hoping that someone will donate another £10 so that we have helped one whole family instead of just half.

Here is a donate button.

JustGiving - Sponsor me now!

And thankyou so much for the donation/sponsor that I have already received 🙂 The money goes directly to Shelter so they can start doing stuff straight away 🙂

Nursery Cuteness :) (by )

Mary's nursery sent her home with a toy puppy and a book to write up the adventures!

Dexter the puppy getting ready for Christmas

I of course had great fun with this 🙂 I have put a version of the story up on the Wiggly Pet blog - there are lots of cute pictures of Mary though I wish we'd had slightly longer/remembered to take him with us at the weekend! Then I could have done multiple stories 🙂

Fixing the Roof (by )

So we knew the roof of the workshop needed work - when we moved in we had to fix it to the actual walls! But what is left to be done on it needs a spat of dry weather when we are actually at home which has not happened this summer - this is also why there is still no grass in the little walled area!

It was just about holding up and then we had those strong winds that shredded the plastic membrane on the roof and it has leaked onto the grinder and welder 🙁 They may or may not be ok. Alaric's helmet also filled up with water and in the process of trying to dry it out it has gone moldy 🙁 We have shelving in the dinning area to dry out as well and Alaric has been up on the roof with help from my dad - trying to effect a short term fix to get us through the winter!

Alaric on the roof

He was out there in the freezing night earlier in the week to prevent anymore damage which was a bit hair raising - I got him pizza to warm up with!

They went out there armed with heavy duty plastic sheeting and lots of sealant.

Fingers crossed that next year will be dryer :/

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