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There is a new craze in the Snell-Pym household - it is a game called MineCraft and it began with Alaric, now me, Jean, Jean's friends and my Dad all have our own worlds which we are constructing homes and farms and mining in.

Initially I was very bad at it, I could not even work out how to look up let alone move and as for fighting the monsters of this almost eden-esk world - that was impossible. But after being attacked by a spider, a skeleton and a zombie, being stuck in a whole, being suspended in the air and drowning.... I finally seemed to master basic movements.

Being me I skipped the tutorial and refused to play in creative as I like there to be a challenge. Anyway I finally after a week of playing managed to construct a one room house. It started off in mud and then I mined cobble stone which I clad the outside and then mined the mid away from the inside.

outside my mine craft house - week one

The idea is that you mine and farm things and make stuff. I started off by making a crafting table, then a chest to keep things in. I was on the hunt for stuff for torches and a bed - but this proved tricky and so I found myself hiding in a dark corner of my house - it had a door I'd made on the crafting table but no light as I need to make charcoal or find coal.

Fortunately no monsters spawns in there with me - this was why it was all still earth - a monster called a creeper did blow my house up from the out side though which hacked me off! (I may have said a rude word).

Eventually I found the resources to make my torches - I had to build a furnace. So now I have light, food (due to killing poor unsuspecting cows and cooking them in the furnace), shelter, a crafting table and a double sized chest but still no bed! This means I can not sleep during the games nighttime which is annoying.

Inside of my mine craft house - week one

The game is made of large pixels and I can only play a bit at a time as the motion on the screen gives me motion sickness!

I also keep accidentally hitting the left hand toggle as a button instead, this changes the perspective of the little avatar - not helpful when you are fighting zombies!

I am really enjoying it - even more so as there is a quest to be completed!

Each world is a new generated one - mine is called Gaia, Alaric's is Genesis, Jean's Bob and Dad's one is the un-named My World. If I remember I may post the world seeds (the code that other mine craft players can used to generate the same world though devoid what you have built in it!).


  • By Kev Sparrow, Tue 26th Feb 2013 @ 10:17 pm

    Sounds good what you have done from your write up, although I do recommend Creative, not only giving you the ability to craft anything and fly in the sky, but just as a way to understand the game a little better without the hassle of early survival which is quite hard. Also Creative gives ability to do anything, so make your castle, big house, farm whatever and then if you or your partner are clever you can create your own server and get your family online at the same time. Thats fun. My sons are awesome at this game, better than me! Good blog!

  • By sarah, Wed 27th Feb 2013 @ 10:12 am

    Thanks 🙂

    We would love to do the server thing but we're playing on an x-box and have been told they never got around to setting up stuff so that you could play online.

    I may well have a go at creative though I may end up being even more obsessed - we found a tutorial on youtube on building oriental castles!

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