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Tea and Art and Maths

Saturday was the last day of my Science-Art Exhibition and I went along to the Arts Cafe to meet with friends who were coming along to see it and too work on my visual poetry journal.

At five o'clock I took it down - this happened alot quicker than putting it up. Nothing other than some post cards sold but quiet a few people came along to see it.

The main comments were, 'I really like that picture but I am a student or out of work or have just been told my contract wont be renewed...' There simply is not the spare money at the moment for your average person to buy art. Other artists have said they have had similar. But it wasn't really about the selling it was about the exhibition - however I would have liked to recoup the money spent on frames etc... but that is not money wasted as I now have a bunch of framed pics.

Also I learnt that framers can be unreliable, bought frames are rubbish and flimsy and looking into it we have decided to make our own in future.

Other things learnt are - some spray mounts are better than others and price is not an indicator of which is which. Do not mount on grey card as everyone thinks you've just put it straight on the frames back board - I assume the same goes from brown. Get frames that leave a boarder around all sides of the picture as it looks better.

Severn Print are amazing life savers and even if lots of people say they are going to contribute and take part in something most of them will pull out as the event nears.

Alaric is amazing at getting me out of such a pickle with trips to buy last minute canvases to paint and so much more.

The whole thing would not have been possible without my parents help and of course Centre Arts who helped me sort the mountings out when they slipped that first day and didn't shout!

I came back somewhat deflated from the gallery having missed the Bristol Minni Maker Fair and the meal afterwards with friends - though other friends had tea and cake with me at the centre which sort of made up for it 🙂

Also Seth and Tanu came home with Alaric and we had a lovely random time with Seth making my guitars sound much better than I can ever make them 🙂

Seth and guitar

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