So It Goes (by )

Playing the spanners

Last night I went to a truly inspiring event - So It Goes by the Cheltenham Improvisers Orchestra at the Cheltenham Poetry Festival.


Sound rippled around the room, building and echoing and fading away to almost nothingness, reminding me of the psychedelic of previous decades mixed with the fragments of poems building up to create a picture of the stretching endless existence.

Belinda Reading at So It Goes

Pictures of the cosmos played in the back ground and occasionally across on of the performers leaving a silhouette of them, stark in the nebula.

Stars play across him Ringing out the tones of the cosmos

I could have closed my eyes and just listened creating pictures for stories and the like but then I would have missed the spectacles of how they produced some of the sounds - vibrating, glowing massage spider on a balloon for example.

Balloon vibrations

I had great fun taking photos again hence the black and white - I also played around with long exposures to see if I could get an image that captured the essence of the music.

Tunnel of light and movement

When I spoke to the poets afterwards it turned out they didn't know who was going to read when - this was interesting as the poets seemed to pick up and continue with the style of the previous poet but adapted to them - as if their was an invisible creative string connecting them within the performance.

Stuart Wilding at So It Goes

I really loved this event and could have easily spent all of last night writing - I took quiet a few arty shots:

Cheltenham Improvisation Orchestra set up at the Cheltenham Poetry Festival

Poets including Anna Saunders, Adam Horovitz, and Sara-Jane Arbury to name but a few.

Drums and cymbals and bells Sounds in the waiting Musical mechanic Spanners

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