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Wednesday saw mine and Alaric's 9th Wedding Anniversary, the theme is willow and pottery and though we haven't done anything with this theme yet we will. It's weird to think we have been married this long, been together for over a decade now and still we are just us.

We spent the evening at Cranham County Scout Head Quarters with lots of kids - no it wasn't a re-run of the wedding it was the Water and Fire BBQ and water fight for all three sections of the village scouts of which Alaric runs the cubs. We had a great time and the girls more so and though my nose got burnt and we had forgotten about our anniversary until Al's phone bleeped and told us, it was a good one 🙂

Here are the photos 🙂

Cheeky girlies ready for water and fire

The girls ready for a water fight and fun!

Pooh Sticks

Jean had been soooo excited for days we went along early to help set up and her and Mary played Pooh Sticks until the other kids arrived.

Mary armed and dangerous

Mary attempted to take part in the water fight and even managed to squirt some water though she didn't get the whole shooting other people thing!

Jeany not quiet getting how the mud slide works

Apart from the assault course over the stream there was a mudslide set up - Jean didn't quiet get the whole slide part of it at first 🙂

Jeany on the mud slide

Eventually she got the idea 🙂

Mary of to explore at The Grove

Mary loved exploring with little cried of 'water!'

Mary catching bubbles in the woods

I spent an age blowing bubbles for the kids to catch or shoot, Mary was the biggest fan of this activity though it was pretty popular all round 🙂

Waiting for food cooked on fire

I cooked the veggi food (hence the burnt nose!) Mary sat on a bench quietly awaiting her dinner for ages!

Mary and Alaric at Water and Fire Cranham

She conned Daddy into feeding her 🙂

Jean eats cake! Cranham Cubs

Jeany found cakes without colourings 🙂

It was a good day.

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