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This weekend we hosted the second ever Creativiti Tea which was quiet frankly epic - though the actual event was on the Sunday the first person arrived Friday evening all the way from London! Two more arrived on Saturday when the BBQ ended up being cooked under the grill whilst Alaric did various bits of his programming projects and began work once again on the furnace.

Creativi Tea

We played board games and Jeany got an early birthday present which was Dr Who Monopoly!

The Games Master

Girls playing Dr Who Monopoly

I baked cakes (they are never as good as Al's ones and I was a bit out of practice with the icing!) - including mini vegan banana bread with red currents (these are from my parents garden I planted a red current stem when I was 13 and now they have taken over the garden - I am attempting to find more things to do with them than make jelly!).

Cakes! Creativi Tea

rose cakes for Creativi Tea

mini vegan banana bread

Then at 10 am Creativi Tea began properly. Mainly we were writing - I personally wrote about 3000 words, we had people working on novels, poetry, short stories and more!

Writing at Creativi Tea

In the kitchen glueing and sticking were a foot.

sticking on rhine stones at creativi tea

Along with bead work - ankle bracelets seemed to be the thing.

Beading at Summer Creativi Tea

Then there was sewing - mainly cat nip mice from old cloths - the cat nip was home grown by our friend Charlee.

cat nip mouse made by Jean and Charlee

Tom puss at least loves the cat nip mouse!

Tom puss finding a cat nip mouse

And I mean he really loves it!

I loves my cat nip mouse

A teddy bear was cut out and partially sewn together and the beginnings of a ball were started.

upcycled teddy bear cut out and ready to sew

Music crept in with the odd bit of laptop composing and the Hammond Organ getting switched on 🙂

music at Creativi Tea

I sold £15 worth of books for Shelter (the books will be there until Christmas if anybody else is interested).

Book sale for Shelter

And we showed Charlee how to make sushi.

Sushi making at Creativi Tea

We geeked and created and played games and laughed and drank lots of tea 🙂 I am looking forward to organising the Autumn Creativi Tea which will also be my book launch! And also my friend Claire gave me the most beautiful roses 🙂


Oh and Jean's butterfly garden produced a butterfly 🙂

Tortoise Shell Butterfly

We had lots of fun and Alaric seems to have gotten one of our friends into learning Lojban - which had us all thinking about actual meanings of our names - turns out there is an older meaning for Sarah than princess - essence or core, pure centre... etc. I love finding out new things 🙂


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