Two Weeks of Chickens! (by )

The dino pack

To weeks of chickens and they are producing between 1 and 4 eggs a day with an average of just below two a day. We have had one more soft shell which is a shame but they all seem healthy and have the good food and vits etc... They are simultaneously malting and growing their feathers back at the same time!

Ex-battery chickens regrowing feathers

They are becoming cheekier and keep sneaking into the kitchen when they think no one is looking - I am now of course writing a story for Jean and Mary about it!

Chicken at the back door knocking to come in

They are also trying to enclude the rabbit in their peaking order - his response is to bound away and huffling sit in his run so we are making sure he gets some quality non chicken time in the garden - he on the other hand does run up and start sniffing at them and tries to get into their run so it is not a one sided thing.

Chicken and rabbit 2 bunny not convinced the plastic balls aren't the chickens eggs chicken and rabbit bunny in the ash pit

The kitten watches them out of the kitchen door forlornly and even tries to pounce them with a run up leading to thumps and yowls as her head hits the glass! I let the chickens in to see what would happen and they flapped at her and she went and hid!

Damn force field in the way of Lithium and her lunch aka the back door

Of course the great escape onto the decking appears to be facilitated by a certain 2 and a half year old who opens gates!

The great chicken escape helped by the gate opener!

Oh and given the chance I think she would move in with them!

Mary has found Chickens Chicken on the gate Mary moving in with the chickens

Though she does announce they are naughty for pooing as it is not in a potty (the litter tray being the kittens potty you see).

Doggie really wishes she hadn't eaten those skittles!

Our chicken egg tracker is almost ready for everyone to see 🙂 And we've been planning on building the bigger run/avery sooner rather than later (I don't do chicken shit on the decking ok - just no).

Beady eye

Also I am finding that even on miserable days I am spending more time outside - there has only been one day when I was feeling really bad pain and fatigue wise that they didn't get let out of the run straight away when we got up and Al went and delt with it anyway and I still got to feed them and round them up. Alaric also seems to be enjoying the jet washing of the run once a week.

These are not my eggs!

And Jeany is going to have a birthday party (yes I know her birthday was actually last month but well..) where all the cakes are made with home grown eggs 🙂

chicken settled down in the grass

It turns out chickens like to sunbath - if it gets sunnier I will need to put sunblock on their bald bits!

No it is not sunny enough to put sunblock on me now go away and let me be humin!

So yeah we are still happy happy with our chickens 🙂

I'll show them that chickens don't fly! Chicken on the gate 2 Felix on the chicken ramp

The cats are still making up their minds - the chickens seem to be winning the great stare down comps!

The chicken cat kitchen show down

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