Stickers and Proofs and Zines and Stuff (by )

This week has been hard work but amazing! Really amazing.

Firstly I performed at Well Versed in Cheltenham on Wednesday - then Thursday I headed off to college to learn science writing and discovered there are things I am good at (though that whole spelling thing still evades me!).

Then there was the Bristol Comic and Zine faire with pre parties and after parties and some amazing work - I was at college for most of it so only caught the very end of the actual faire but then stole my friends comics to read whilst at dinner with some of the illustrators and co. I really enjoyed the pre-party where people did power points of their books - including a rousing song about S&M and cystic fibrosis which they made the audience take part in. I also doodled badly on the sketch pad put in front of me.

Whilst I was in Bristol the proofs of The Little Book of Spoogy Poetry arrive and so will hopefully be going to full print/press soonly 🙂

Little Spoogy proofs

Incase you've missed what's going on - I am having a book launch at the end of the month! With goody bags - one offs for the first 100 books. The stickers arrived this week too!

Spoogy stickers

I am now only awaiting the badges and material for the bags. I am making the bookmarks myself 🙂

Anyway my mind feels suitably stretched and I survived college and really hope I can actually take part in the zine fest next year though am sort of glad I didn't get a stall this year as Alaric would have had to man it whilst I was at college - also I now have more of an idea of which of my work would fit in there!

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