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Sunday was the village Christmas Craft Fayre in Cranham and I shared a stall with Jeany.

Jeany selling her candles

She's been making candles out of old candle ends - this is the second time she has sold the candles like this - the first time she used the profits to by colours and some more moulds (she was initially given a kit). She took £20, paid £6 for her part of the table, spent £5 on presents and the remaining she wants to by some smells to add. (I don't think the Daddy Minion who helped her is getting any money for his efforts but the candle he liked didn't sell...)

Jean's green candles made out of old candle ends

I on the other hand sold books.

Little Books of Poetry for Sale at the Cranham Craft Fair

I sold 6! And mainly to people I didn't actually know 🙂 I had both the hand made Little Books of Festive Poetry and the properly printed Little Books of Spoogy Poetry. I was surprised that people did actually seem to want both 🙂

A herd of felt horses giddy up lavandar sheep

There were lovely felt horses and sheep which you can buy here! And lovely chainsaw sculptures 🙂 Jean told me I wasn't allowed to buy one 🙁 We don't have enough money apparently.

Books of wood Wooden dragon chain saw sculpture Chain saw wooden wizard

The excitement of it all was too much for Alaric and Mary who snoozed gently in the corner behind the stall.

Alaric and Mary found the craft fair just too much!

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