Father and Daughter Soldering (by )

dad and daughter activity a soldering kit

Jeany got an electronics kit for Christmas - her and Al had a great time building it. It was a little musical instrument which she now keeps making me play! I got a different musical thing which Al is going to help me with. I believe this is all his cunning plan to get us both good at soldering as there are now off the shelf units to do the kind of LED lighting I wanted to put in at The Bakery. We've been eyeing up our living room 😉

Plans are to give her a bit more formal programming training now too.

p.s she did do most of the soldering herself but this bit was tricky and she was helping hold things in place.


  • By alaric, Tue 28th Jan 2014 @ 10:57 am

    Jean did some soldering while I applied the solder for her, and some applying the solder while I held the iron - she's a bit jumpy and nervous holding the iron as she knows it's hot, but she's gaining confidence from holding the solder, so we'll have another bash soon and see if we can get her doing both parts 🙂

  • By John Cowan, Wed 29th Jan 2014 @ 2:27 am

    The last time I attempted to solder anything was in my teens. I was sitting on the floor, and I had a habit of supporting myself on my fists when I did that. After a long period of work-think-work-think-think-think, I put down my fist to balance myself, and of course the soldering iron (which did not have a trigger) was Right There. I lost the skin from the backs of all four fingers. Oddly, I don't remember it hurting much; the nerves must have been cauterized.

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