A Jam Full Cupboard (by )

cupboard of preserves

Last year I foraged and grew stuff and was given apples and green tomatoes and so on and I even bought reduced pumpkins after Halloween (which we are still getting through!). I made pies and crumbles and cooked soups, I even made bramble butter for the first time.

And there was still left over food... so me and Al preserved stuff!

We now have a cupboard full of chutney, jams, crystallised and pickled things! We didn't get the drying rack up in time to dry things but that is now in place.

I also now have an empty freezer which I am to fill up with cakes over and fresh produce over the year.

Chickens are laying a stupid number of eggs at the moment so we are selling a couple of boxes a week 🙂

This sort of stuff makes me happy - once I am better I plan to sort out the wine making stuff so I get crack on with that over the coming year.

Also we gave a load of preserves away at Christmas and we were eating them through out the year as well 🙂 Though I did swap some with a friend for different jams and with the neighbours for their cherry syrup!

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