Busy in the Garden dispite/inspite, becuase of the Weather (by )

This weekend we have put more bark chippings down in the chicken run as it had again become water logged, there has just been so much rain! Then we set about emptying the compost bin to take to the allotment - or rather I did whilst Alaric cut stakes for the pitch markers, out of scrap wood. I filled up both our wormeries and had a good chunk left over, which had to go into our green bin (we are not currently putting the green bin out though and are using it as an extra composter.

However this was all I managed for the whole 2 days of the weekend. I was so tired from being ill 🙁 Al had to go to the allotment with just Jeany. He said it was even more flooded so he put the compost bin in place - weighted down and marked the boundary and that was it!

Also part of me wondered if it was really worth the work as the compost bin had cost me £20 (it was on sale) but I only want wormeries in the garden as the compost bins simply take too long for the rate of chicken bedding production!

On the plus side, the chickens are producing epic numbers of eggs and we now have two regulars, which we are selling eggs to, each week.

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