Cheltenham Comic Book Convention – for 2015 (by )

I am very excited about the potential of Cheltenham having a comic book convention in 2015, so really really hope this kick starter works out!

They need 5500 by the beginning week of March and are over the 1500 mark. You can by your tickets to attend on the kickstarter or like me buy a stall. Kickstarter only takes your money if the target amount is made so if they don't the extra money I'm not going to have a stall to sell my things at.

Of course I would have loved a pair of the shoes they are offering as a reward but alas and alack, I am not rich!

There are some funky peeps from the comic book world down as guests (as you would expect!) and there will be professional stalls etc...

Apart from the fact that this is a social or community venture, I am excited about this because it gives me a deadline. I have stuff that can go on the stall anyway - namely The Little Books but I would like to run a save the Wiggly Pets campaign and/or get the first part of the Punk comic / graphic novel out there.

So yeah that's the plans 🙂 London peeps etc... you would be welcome to stay at our house if you came up for this - as part of the kick starter you can buy tickets - did I mention that already? 😉

Also cosplay stuff!

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