Mini Mouse Mary and Jumping Jean (by )

Mini mouse Mary climbing

I took the girls to the climbing wall today - Mary to her weekly group and Jeany to the climb she does in holidays.

Happy Jean Scowling Mary

Jeany helped Mary find her teddy bears and then they both hide - Mary was smiling but then scowled just as I took the photo - I thought the result was halarious!

Mary in her favourite tunnel

She did her normal hiding in the tunnel and playing a squeaky form of peek-a-boo except this time her sister could climb in there and chase her!

climbing is tiring work mummy

They both played hard and then we had lunch and Jeany went off to her more advanced class, we also did art and crafts which was colouring paper plates - I seem to have enough for a small party!

3 yr old Mary mastering climbing

I knitted a teddy bears head over lunch and may have sourced somewhere else to perform a show I am working on at the moment 🙂

Mary climbing at the Warehouse Gloucester

Both girls like climbing so much 🙂 They are in this instance Alaric and mines Mini-Mes 🙂

Also Mary was going without a nappy - she was doing well until right at the end when she weed on my dad! But she still managed her longest time out with out a nappy on today!

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