Coping with the Allotment (by )

We have been working hard this weekend on the garden and allotment stuff.

Alaric and Mary helping Jeany water the allotment

This week we finished preparing the ground for some lettuce and one of the other people at the allotment gave use some braccias to plant and we popped in some purple sprouting broccli too 🙂

I de-thistled and nettled most of the site - Jeany picked dandelion flowers, lemon balm and a whole bag of dandelion leaves for the rabbit and chickens.

Al's pelvic has gone on the wonk again so basically we both need to have provisions in place to do physio whilst at the allotment - we seem to be managing though with lots of breaks and sit downs and what have you.

Alaric doing physio at the allotment

The major test of the weekend though was finding out if it was wheel chair accessible for our friend who was staying - the answer is YES (during the summer anyway - it wont be in winter though). But it means I can take my mum there and have picnics inbetween the allotmenting 🙂

Accessibility win for the Primrose Vale allotments

It turns out there are redcurrent bushes in amongst the raspberries and they are already covered in fruit ready to rippen 🙂

Red currents starting to grow

The raspberries are looking good too - still at the flower stage at the moment but you can just see the fruit beginning to form 🙂

Raspberries in flower and starting to bud

I found some love little mini mini flowers nestled in the stuff I was weeding - some where orange:

mini little hidden orange flower

And some where pink:

mini pink flower

We also dug up some leeks, more spring onions and harvested more asparagus 🙂 These are all from who ever had the plot before us - as are the fruit bushes 🙂

We spent about 5 hours there on Sunday all told and I took this photo of Al - he was moving too fast so I chopped the bottom of a foot off with the framing and took it on the wrong setting but I still think he looks epic 🙂

Alaric being cool beans at the allotment

We also discovered that though the runner beans are sadly gone the broad beans I planted in the spare space amongst them have grown so I weeded the bean tee-pee section and planted more beans to crop after the lot I started off in the house. We also gave up on the sweetcorn, weeded that bed and sowed baby sweetcorn in the space - we shall see.

The radishes are already sprouting too 🙂

On Saturday there was mainly enjoying ourselves but I did spend a while sorting the garden whilst Alaric was in London - I have flowering strawberries - the ransoms and garlic chives have also gone into flower but then I am about to put them in a bigger pot in the hope of getting a good lot of them so that is ok 🙂

Strawberry, ransom and garlic chives in flower

I also have a good lot of potatoes growing and potted out some more tomatoes 🙂 Sadly though I think the decking round by the 'dinning room' is rotten 🙁 So that is being added to the to do list!

Jeany was very tired as she had spent Sunday Morning doing a Jujistu thing but she loves watering the plants and her and Mary made a den etc...

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