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Yesterday saw the first ripe strawberry from the plants Alaric bought for £12 a few weeks back - he had it as part of his FathersDay Brekki.

A fathers day Strawberry

I have been making salads out of the various leaves I am growing inside and out at the moment and tonight we went to the allotment. We haven't been able to do a proper stint there for 2 weeks so there was a lot to do. I quickly filled my giant blue bucket three times with weeds - the first bucket load as always was roots and all!

We've found the broad beans have a bit of an infestation and that nature has started to rally the troupes in the form of ladybirds (ladybugs if you are from the US).

Problem and solution for broad beans

One the plus side we still got a good crop of beans and there will be more, I have a second crop already in and some runners waiting (bought from Prinknash Abby on Sunday).

The first of the broad beans

The radishes are doing well though no where near as epic as the giant ones my bro bought me from his back garden. They were a mix of white, black and pink and in round and suasage shape. Alaric is very pleased about this - I only took enough for the next few days as am hoping to be back on Thursday to do more.


Jeany worked hard picking the broad beans and the raspberries 🙂

Jean picking raspberries

There where epic numbers of the soft fruit - easily £10 of supermarket peak season money. Of course I think Jeany may have been eating as she was picking too 😉

Jean and her raspberry crop

There was a spiders nest in the lemon-balm so I decided not to harvest any of that today!

spiders nest

I finally got around to putting the rainbow chard seeds in as well! The girls both ate their dinner on site and I think it is starting to come together - especially as this year we consider to be the hard graft for little reward year due to just getting the ground prepared and stuff.

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