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Last night part of what I did was go to the second ever Drink and Draw in Cheltenham organised by Proud Lion and the True Believers Comic Con team. I wasn't there for all of it due to poetry stuff but I did abandon my family there and later came back for them. It was a hive of activity with people chatting and eating and drawing, Jean and Mary had a great time drawing and playing with lego.

I kind of failed at networking but then I always do, it's kind of just not me - it's called being shy! I tried to start a couple of convos but Mary or Jean interrupted and that was it.

I false started 3 and finished one concept sketch for my Punk series and reconciled myself to being the least talented person in the room - and I mean that - you should have seen some of the stuff being drawn!

Anyway for those of you interested in the process here are three concept sketches.

The city Babel with it's Tower - based on coral reefs and sea shells.

The city of Babel concept sketch

Placenta tree which is where the clones both Masters and Slave and highbreds are produced.

placenta tree concept sketch

Punku with her laser pen - I am still not entirely happy with her but think she is almost there.

Punku Concept Pencil sketch

These are all elements that will go into the front cover which I designed in my first Script Frenzy.


I'm looking forward to the next drink and draw and also am steaming ahead with the drawing stuff - my plan is now to attempt to do some water colour back grounds.

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