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I'm loosing weight better than expected, and the nurse is really pleased with me, even suggested I might need to come and do some talks and stuff. But that kind of isn't the point - the point is that since having cut the wheat and gluten out of the diet a wonderous transformation has occured.

Three months a go the idea of the "planking" exercise was laughable - there was no way I could have gotten down and down the position let alone the actual exercise. In fact I was still having to use the walking stick. As of last night I managed a 1 minute plank, I am walking even long distance without a stick, most of the arthritis has gone, the pelvic pain is gone. Fatigue levels at very workable levels.

I accidently clocked up 13 miles of walking without noticing, rescued Alaric who's ciatica was bad and carried my own crates. At cubs I was the shark in the shark infested custard - without noticing I ran. Mary asked me why I am not sick anymore, Jean keeps standing with her mouth agog when I manage something.

And bizarly the bleeding has stopped, constrained only to periods and those are basically not painful - no throwing up, no nose bleeds, very little in the way of cramping, no slime.

I'm still not what I would call normal levels of energy but having been ill since I was 18 I now have no idea what normal energy levels should be for my age. Pain wise I am left with the physical damage from the bike accident and some RSI but that has mercifully been it!

Of course I am now even tricker to feed as I try and avoid, diary, soya and wheat along with red/fatty meat.

In general I am not seeking out gluten free bread or anything like that as I still need to shed the weight and stave off that naughty diabetes. Talking of which Jean mentioned I wasn't a gulper anymore - referring to my need to be gulping water and being thirsty. I'm still overly phlemy and so need to sip drinks whilst eating or talking but it is a vast improvement 🙂

I also did an hour on the exercise bike without noticing.

Of course I am also on the tablets and it just seems to be some sort of magic formula 🙂

I kind of can't actually believe it - I still keep fearing that I will just slip back but it all seems to be good 🙂

I even danced at my cousins wedding!

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