You Can’t Be A Scientist (by )

Me: explains science

Kid: How do you know all this slits eyes

Me: Because I happen to be a trained scientist

Kid: No you're not

Me: Yes I am

Kid: Nooooo, he's the scientist points to Al

Al: Nope I'm an engineer, she's the scientist

Kid: What really?

Me: Yep, I've blasted moon rock with lasers

Kid: puzzled look

This was last week. I am sure I've told you all about the time the toddlers refused to believe I was a geologist and that my friend with his shorts and big beard was the geologist?

I'm sure you've all read the posts I've made about how I get parents thanking me for having Ada and a list of female scientists and engineers but this time I don't think the issue was one of gender exactly - I am a mum, I had occupied the space of "mum person" "stay at home parent" and in our society that means, person who doesn't do anything but house work, or maybe a side job in a shop or nursery.

He had no problem with there being female scientist puppets or the idea of girls in the group doing science but Mums? Mums don't do/know this kind of stuff, mums well they're kind of dumb and reserved and frightened things.

And I have gotten this so much.

I noticed that crutches aside people just assume I don't want to/can't do stuff anymore because I've had a baby or two and it is INFURIATING, more so as though Alaric suffers from this too it is a watered down version - probably as he is out at "proper work". Stay at home dad's I know tend to have issues with people thinking they are lazy and heaven forbid they try and expand their minds by reading or anything whilst at home - surely they should be fixing everything - what you mean they cook and clean? They need to go out and get a job.

And on and on and on.

But I am kind of feeling a bit stressed about bits of science that are not my bit of science because though at primary school age etc... I know all the stuff I feel like I am now The Proof and the only proof that slightly dumpy mummies can do science too.

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