Mary’s First Day at School (by )

Super Sisters ready for school

There has been truma - Mary is petrified of school. Jean couldn't wait but Mary...

I want to stay at home

She has always been clingy. She cried, Alaric was relieved that they didn't have to pry her physically off of him in the end - something that was on the cards. Fortunately I found hello kitty school shoes.

Hello Kitty School Shoes close up

She is very excited about these and agreed to go to school if it meant she could wear them. They have little ears 🙂

Hello Kitty school shoes

She doesn't want to sit still and she want to go climbing, part of her panic was she thought she'd never get to go climbing again. But hello kitty shoes and matching scrunchy and heart buttons on her dress... and a promise that will do dancing when she gets home resulted in reluctant grin.

Dancing after school? Ok I'll smile

Of course she does have big sis who was lovely with helping Mary to get ready even with screaming and kicking. It's also Jean's last year of primary school - something that she is not that happy about though she does seem resigned.

Jean assuring Mary she will be ok on her first day of school

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