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Conservative billboard behind a strong and stable fence

So I found this Conservative party billboard on our outing today - it is behind a high security fence (although to be fair the gate was open) and next to it is a surveillance tower. I can only imagine that they did not think through the imagery of this - but then with the slogan Strong and Stable I wondered if this was the desired imagery?

I can't help but see it as a metaphor - the rich hiding behind high security and ruling tyranically with an iron fist. Lock it all down... it will certainly be strong and stable - strong and stable fences but not walls no of course we don't do walls - that is an American thing.

And I wish my conservative friends would actually talk about what the plans are because at the moment it looks to me like a population cull done on the sly.

Talking to disabled friends and Dr and nurses, I know they all feel there will be no NHS at the end of Conservative term and I am witnessing first hand the rise in homelessness around where I live. I've seen the results of disability cars being taken away and the drastic loss of independence and health it causes and how that results in more pressure on the nhs and councils. I've seen desperate friends ashamed of going to the foodbanks.

We are actually scared of what's going to happen and we would love our conservative friends to talk to us, to reassure us that they are not actively trying to cripple the education system and the forces, that they don't actually want to see me and others like me thrown on the rubbish heap of life just because we need medical help to live, to function, to be a productive member of the economy.

But so far they have been quiet.

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