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MoonMania Mega Make is a community textiles project being created as part of the celebration of human kind reaching the moon 50 yrs ago in the Apollo programme - we walked on another world! It is also a chance to look at the amazing things that have been discovered during this new human endeavour -- space travel and where it is possibly heading in the future.

The project will produce a series of banners each using a different style and form of textiles or fabric art. The first piece is a large embroidery of Sarah Snell-Pym's Celestial Montage, a multimedia piece originally produced as part of the European Space Agency's Create Your Space project. The second is a rag rug using the designs Tanya Feasey.

The idea of the project is to get as many people as possible involved so please come along and add a stitch or more and if you wish you can be added to the wall of fame.

Along side the MoonMania Mega Make, there will be the opportunity to share your memories or those of older relatives and friends of the Moon Landings and Space Race. Or just maybe how space has inspired you!

These Moon Memories will be going into a legacy piece of art and science communication so that they are not lost to the sands of time (or moon dust for that matter), it includes a print book and website.

Other parts of MoonMania include talks, rock handling, poetry and creative writing, spacecraft workshops for children and puppetry.

Celestial Montage ESA_space_inspiration

Creatives Sewing Celestial Montage

Stitching the Sun

Mum stitching Celestial Montage in Cookes Coffee and Curios

Large Celestial Montage Banner

Blood Red Super Moon

Moon Mania Mega Make at the Cheltenham Science Festival

Scout Sewing MoonMania

Marking out the missions patch for Cub group to embroider

Moon Mania badges

Moon Half - my first attempt at astrophotography

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