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As I have previously opined, I like practical clothing with lots of pockets; I am generally more interested in practicality (storage capacity, comfort, keeps me warm and dry) than looks in my clothes. So where I get to choose colours or designs, I tend to go for "black" most of the time; the exception being t-shirts and hoodies, where I of course often get things with amusing cultural references or logos of things I'm proud to support. Although I'm agender, my feature-driven taste in clothing is entirely masculine because, sadly, female-gendered clothes tend to be designed for style rather than features...

However, a discussion I was tangentially involved in a while back got me thinking: if I chose to disregard practicality for some reason and wanted to choose clothes purely for what they look like, what would I want to wear?

After much deliberation, I think I like the cut of garment called a Thawb - although it took me a while to find out that's what it's called! But I'm not keen on the white ones as pictured in that Wikipedia article, I'd like a nice dark black/blue/purple one with some kind of angular pattern embroidered on it in white, silver or gold thread. Perhaps a Hilbert curve around the borders, too?

I'd quite like to dress like Tilda Swinton's character in the Doctor Strange movie, in fact!

Not that I'd wear it much, mind; I only really dress up for weddings and stuff like that (The jacket I got married in is somewhat similar to a thawb, although shorter; that's served as an inspiration). Although in principle it might be kind of nice to dress up just to lounge around the house and stuff, it would be rare for me to have a day without having to go out in the rain, brave mud, cook, drill holes in walls, etc - not to mention dealing with the unexpected demands that I carry all that stuff in my pockets for!

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