Mini starting to be less shy (by )

Mini is tending to come out and wondere around more - I have managed to comb her twice - she loved this and purs like a mad thing! Al however is the person of favour with her and me - well she bites me :'( This cat has taken a disliking to me, I'm not sure if its becuase the kittens upset her and then hide behind me or that I end up telling her off lots ie when she claws the setee or becuase I had to turf her of a cake box earlier etc...

I'm hopeing this situation will improove - she mostly lets me stroke her if I let her sniff me first and all the rest of that sort of jazz but just radomly she turns and bites me 🙁 - Oh well at least Al curries favour! (I had to resist writting flavour there!)


  • By Charlee, Sun 30th Jul 2006 @ 4:02 pm

    curries or carries, he is a flavoursome chap indeed 😉 Perhaps it's because she's female and Al's male? Are H & He boys or girls? Our male cats have always favoured me, whereas the girls have favoured Dad, and sometimes been aggressive to me, because they see me as a threat to their attention from him sometimes.

  • By Sarah, Mon 31st Jul 2006 @ 12:06 am

    The kittens are two litlle girls! I think that the main issue is I have to keep turffing Mini off of the storage boxes she hides on under the table!

  • By becca, Mon 31st Jul 2006 @ 12:29 pm

    I see Al is sporting the "hobo" look...Olly seems to have picked up on this trend too 🙂 refusing to shave...not using conditioner in his hair so it goes all curly and pouffy etc etc

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