My 28th Birthday (by )

For my 28th birthday Alaric made me a butterfly cake out of the left over swiss roll and chocolate from christmas!

Butterfly cake

I'll be posting about this over on Salaric cooking for those interested in how he did it 🙂 But there was a lot of chocolate involved and Jeany got to lick the pot out - eek!

Oh no! Jeans found the chocolate pot!

After she was hyper from that we sent her off to a place called Magic Land in Cirencester for her friend Jame's birthday. She had a great and exhusting 2 hours jumping on soft play kits and the like. Al had forgotten the camera so I photographed my boots and things - I love having a camera again. But I was sad as I thought I had lost all the cool pictures of Jeany sledging as the camera was only showing 2 pictures but it wasn't - it was becuase Al had put my birthday presant in the camera - an SD card that has like 1600 picture capacity on it!

The camera was only showing me what was on the new card and not what was on the internal memory!

He also got me a card reader so I can extract not only these picks easily but all those that are traped on the cards of the old cameras!

I had a nice long bath with defoliating face scrub whilst they were at the party too. Then they came back and Jean had more things than she went with!

Each child had got a presant and Jeans was this book of paper dolls you construct and then dress up - we sat infront of the fire on her road map mat and made the two princesses from it! I'll do a bigger post about them on Salaric Carft along with the lovely Japanese stickers Andy gave her which she decided to stick half of in my diary as she knows I love stickers 🙂 We also made some pictures out of them that are now on the fridge - I'll put these on Salaric Craft too 🙂

Two princess's together Jean with her creation

Al made me a cheese fondue with crusty bread and raw cualiflower, he didn't get time to cut the other vegtables up but there turned out to be just enough for the fondue dipping anyway!

Barbara came round and we opened a bottle of fizzy wine we'd got as a christmas presant (the fondue was made with christmas presant wine too).

Birthday meal

I got out the fluted glasses from the wedding as I now have them back in the house and no longer in storage!

Purple glass

Andy also sent back a birthday presant with Al for me which was four lovely slate coasters which come from the same place as our slate place mats and that we got as a wedding presant. I was so excited about this I decided I should lay the table with the slate stuff purely so I could use them! I also got out the four butterfly napkin rings my brother and his girlfriend got me last year!

Table layout

Al bought the butterfly cake out - me and Jean blew the candles out and Barbara took her piece over to the Mill to eat but even though I warned her the candle holders where still on the cake she managed to chomp one of them up which she duly returned as her TV wasn't working and she needed Al to go and fix it for her.

Me and Al then put Jean to bed who had had two party loads of cake and sugar and was very very tired! We then played chinese checkers - or attempted to work out from the rules how to play, I eat some chocolate fondue that had ment to be desert to the meal and went to bed.

the end

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