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This weekend me, Alaric and Jean headed down to Yorkshire for a fun packed weekend - I was a bit worried we weren't going to make it due to my energy levels and stuff but we did and I;m so glad we did.

We started out late (as always), things had gotten pushed back to Saturday for leaving instead of Friday night due to Al's work commitments and then he was late and I hadn't finished packing and I had to take photos of family friend and Barbara who was visiting and on and on.... and then we were off!

And then we were back again much to Barbara and Maggi's amusement - Al had put Jean in the car without her shoes on - he assumed I'd packed them. Just as well we had to return though as I'd left Jean's bed bear and rainbow blanket behind not to mention her coat!

And we were off again, with me navigating, Al driving and Jean chatting away.

We stopped at a services for lunch and a big stretch - there where some cool cars in the parking lot, sort of collectors items - low old and new sports/racing type cars. Jean announced they were squashed cars and we upset Daddy by going to see them and photograph them! They were driving out as we were leaving and waved to Jean 🙂

squashed cars!

Jean also had a fun time on the toys at the services and it was odd but it really was fun and part of the holiday!

Jean and the wobbly slide

Though Bed Bear a.k.a Yellow Bear decided that as Jean was not playing with him and she'd dragged him out of the van anyway he would drink her juice!

Bear drinking juice

We arrived at about 6 o'clock at Mike and Ulrike's house which is lovely with gnomes in the garden, fairies and dragons in the house and a lovely easter wreath on the door!

Easter Wreath

We went shopping for food - including stuff for packed lunches the next day and Alaric cooked us a fantastic pasta bake - with the table all laid out nicely - with candles and flowers too!

Pasta bake The table is laid

Over the weekend there was a lot of larking about including a pillow fight between Ulrike and Jean 🙂

Pillow Fight! Jeanies winning!

Me shoeing Alaric out with a broom which he then ended up rolling on the floor with!

Alaric fending me off with the broom

Lots of film watching resulting in sleepy Mikes trying to crawl behind Ulrike's and sleeping!

Tired Mike

Mike and Ulrike got out their musical instruments and had a little practice with them - Ulrike spent alot of time on Saturday looking for a tutor for her drum but no luck so far :/

Irish drum Mike and his guitar!

Ulrike also had Jean wanting to stay with her - this might have something to do with the fact she cuts the fruit all up in exciting mannars for Jeany.

Jeany consuming the fruit Apple Flower - fruit art!

Or that she gave JEan a pink plush armchair jewellery box and a fairy ridding a horse (more on that later!). Or just becuase she's fun - Jean was very annoyed with us for leaving and wanted to stay there forever - I think the presance of Guenea Pigs probably helped with that one! (more on them later too!).

Ulrike also gave me DVD and two (well actually three but two are together) Pocket dragons which Jean has labeled Mummy, Jean Bean and Daddy - Daddy's the one with the sword!

Saturday we went to a May/Beltine celebration - but more on that later!

Alaric got upset with me delaying our departure today by stopping to photo the piggies but it had to be done! Unfortunatly a) we had woken up late - probably something to do with the fact we'd stayed up late chating and then had a Jeany climbing on us all through the night and b) the traffic was horrible on the way home which sucked but it did mean that I spotted a Local Traffic Only sign which I thought was funny!

Local Traffic Only

Alaric recons we have them around here too but I've never seen one!

The 'holiday' continued for the journey home especially when Jean had her lunch of yogurt with oats, raisins and honey at the services - they never have little spoons and she was very sad she wouldn't be able to get all the yogurt out so I showed her she could us the other end of the spoon - unfortunatly being three she decided that she should alternate which end of the spoon she used!

Jean contemplating yogurt

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  • By Ulrike, Tue 5th May 2009 @ 10:32 am

    The house isn't all that lovely, it is falling to bits with us in it! But thanks anyway 🙂

    I wish Jean could have stayed, she is really fun and we have lots in common! 😀 We could watch Disney movies all day, dress in pink and eat sweet things! And play with fairies!

    I wish we could have had more time together, so that we could have done more interesting things than watching movies (like going to the seaside, or Flamingo land) but maybe some other time. 🙂 Hope you weren't too bored just watching TV!

    It was really great having all of you here with us, I feel really sad with the house so empty now 🙁

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