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Today is Free-e-day, it is the worlds largest celebration of Indie culture - but that doesn't mean what I thought it did!

Indie means independent and not everyone dressing like Jarvis Cocker from Pulp or indeed like Olly used to at uni (and maybe me sometimes but shhhh). Though I am assuming that in my teens I was just simply not ofey enough with the music culture to realise that Indie was probably short for something else.

It is a celebration of Artists, Writers, Musicians... you get the picture - but brilliantly there are loads of cool free downloads and access to peoples writing and the like!


And for me best of all - the Wiggly Pets went and put themselves forward for this - thinking that their community blog needed abit of an airing and that it might well lead to some adoptions 🙂

They are currently excitedly sitting around watching me type this! Getting impatient with me to get on with it so they can get to the free downloads!

Also there is a culture cafe things going on this evening in Oxford too 🙂 The Brochure and flyers etc... can all be found here along with some really quiet interesting web-chats 🙂

I will no doubt post a few things here today so be prepared!

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